NPR’s On the Media Chats with RetroReport

On September 6, 2013, the NPR media analysis show On The Media did a fantastic interview with an IP clinic client: publisher Taegan Goddard, one of the people behind Retro Report. Taegan and his team are doing an extraordinary public service: they revisit some of the most-hyped news stories of the last couple of decades to see whether the media got it right, and what happened after we all stopped paying attention.


As you can imagine, this reporting involves a great deal of re-using video clips from the original news coverage and other other related sources as evidence for RetroReport’s criticism, commentary, and news reporting. Students from the Glushko-Samuelson IP Clinic have been helping Goddard and his team diligently and responsibly exercise their fair use rights to employ these clips. It’s a wonderful project for the students, and an example of how the clinic vindicates the public interest in intellectual property by empowering innovative new authors, filmmakers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

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