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Student attorneys in the IP Clinic serve their clients in a variety of contexts and in multidimensional ways. Some clients have long-term goals that are best served by research and analysis that can be published in policy papers or guidelines. Here are a few of the policy papers and guidelines the students have developed:



In 2006-2007, students prepared Guidelines for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) regarding educational use of pictorial, graphic and audiovisual works in face-to-face and online classroom contexts for accredited, nonprofit educational institutions.

In 2008-2009, again for the SCMS, students prepared best practices as a guide for academic publishers relating to copyright and fair use of images and publications.



In 2012-2013, students working in support of several clients prepared a collection of case studies showing how four universities successfully retired and replaced mascots that play on Native American stereotypes. The studies examine mascot changes at Dartmouth College, Stanford University, and the University of Oklahoma. Read the full collection here: Changing the Mascot at Dartmouth, Stanford, Oklahoma and Syracuse.






In 2014-2015, clinic students provided their client Prometheus Radio, a non-profit organization that represents the interests of community radio stations across the nation,  with a FAQ on the complex world of music licensing.

In 2015, student attorneys proposed administrative USPTO reforms to discourage frivolous trademark claims, also known as “trademark bullying,” or “trademark trolling.” In May, the students followed up on their one page proposal from March requesting a second look. This white paper outlined comprehensive strategy for implementing the proposed review.


Also in 2015, clinic students submitted a comment to the USPTO on behalf of small investors during the ongoing patent quality proceedings. They proposed initiating a program that would grant small independent investors access to a pre-examination search system that would improve the quality of investors’ applications.
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