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Introducing WAMU’s Capital Soundtrack Project (with a little help from the IP Clinic)

If you listen to WAMU 88.5 FM, the leading NPR affiliate in the Washington, DC, area and a department of American University, you might have heard Ally Schweitzer this morning describing an exciting new initiative: WAMU has officially launched its … Continue reading

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Clinic Files Brief on Behalf of Consumers in FCC Rulemaking to Unlock Set-Top Box

by Kendal Hardison and Rachael Stelly The Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on February 18, 2016 seeking comment on their proposed rules to unlock the set-top box. The Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic, on behalf of … Continue reading

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Clinic Files Briefs for Consumers, Blind in 9th Circuit Cable Copyright Case

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is set to hear Fox Television Stations, Inc. v. Aereokiller, the latest case in the Internet retransmission service’s saga to obtain 17 U.S.C. § 111 compulsory licensing under the Copyright Act, which … Continue reading

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Fair Use, MOOCs, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Frequently Asked Questions

In October 2015 the Librarian of Congress issued an important new rule permitting faculty and staff creating MOOCs (massive open online courses) to copy short clips from video media protected by digital locks. The rule was the result of a petition … Continue reading

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Designers of that 2004 Annenberg survey on the Redskins name: The sample was unrepresentative

The team’s owner Dan Snyder and its representatives have repeatedly pointed to that result to support their contention that few Native Americans are bothered by the name. But the researchers’ memo definitively disqualifies the survey as an accurate picture of Native American attitudes about the name. As the memo goes on to say, **“it is not appropriate to use NAES data to study this population.”** Continue reading

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Band, Butler, and Decherney Respond to Post-Hearing Questions from the Copyright Office

Today, in collaboration with Library Copyright Alliance counsel Jonathan Band, the IP Clinic’s practitioner-in-residence Brandon Butler and long time clinic client professor Peter Decherney submitted responses to a series of questions from the Copyright Office. The responses are the latest … Continue reading

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Pathbreaking Book “Beyond Civil Rights” Sees Light with Help from Clinic Student Attorneys

This week sees the release by the University of Pennsylvania Press of Beyond Civil Rights: The Moynihan Report and Its Legacy, by historian Daniel Geary. The book is a powerful new examination of Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s agenda-setting report “The Negro … Continue reading

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Clinic Blog Post Cited in Oral Argument Over Washington Team Trademark’s Offensiveness

When lawyers for the Washington football team leaned hard this week on a 2004 survey to prove the team’s name is not offensive, lawyers for the Native American plaintiffs seeking cancellation of the mark had a ready reply: The survey … Continue reading

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Clinic Students Bring Video Editor, “Citizen Archivist” Back Online

This is a story with a very happy ending. Paul Dougherty is serious about video. He’s an award-winning video editor whose work is part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He’s also a prolific … Continue reading

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You Gotta Fight For the Right to Break Digital Locks: IP Clinic Teams Up with Cinema Studies Professor, Higher Education Organizations in DMCA Rulemaking

Guest post by student attorneys Sarah O’Connor and Mark Patrick The Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes it illegal to break digital locks on copyrighted material, even when what you intend to do with the work is otherwise legal, such as … Continue reading

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