Congrats to Clinic Students for Great Work Over the Summer!

As the Fall semester starts, it’s time to give applause to IP Clinic students who continued their hard work on behalf of their clients long past the end of Spring semester and into the summer. In these hot summer months, our students continued to fight trademark bullying, help documentarians evaluate fair use of photographs and videos, and assist entrepreneurs and local nonprofits seek trademarks for their valuable products and services.

A special applause deserved goes to four students who continued a difficult task into the summer. Michael Blumenthal, Harrison Neidish, Clemence Kim and Adam Wasinger spent the year representing musician Dr. Lydia Warren, an award-winning blues singer and bandleader, and now blues historian, in seeking the return of her domain name,, from a registrant in Asia.

When the registrant refused to response to their communication, the students engaged in extensive research of Ms. Warren’s many festivals, awards, interviews and her tours overseas. They learned the technical and dispute policies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and filed a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) complaint seeking return of the domain name.

The Forum in Minneapolis agreed with the student’s concerns and transferred the domain name to Ms. Warren. Congratulations Adam, Clemence, Harrison and Mike for filing the Clinic’s first UDRP case, and for the Clinic’s first UDRP win!

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