IP Clinics Recognized as an Opportunity to Do Good and Learn About IP

Clinics in the Intellectual Property space are quickly becoming a growing force in providing pro bono representation with a public-interest focus.  Listed among noteworthy  Intellectual Property public interest clinical programs are Stanford, Berkeley, UC Irvine, Colorado, and American University’s Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law clinic.

The article notes that “while there are a number of transactional type intellectual property clinics that will give you great hands-on experience (such as doing prior art searches and filing for patents or counseling tech startups),” these clinics focus on public interest and policy matters.

American University’s nationally acclaimed clinic provides a wealth of practical experience that supplements students’ doctrinal experience and enables students to enter the workforce prepared to take on real clients with actual needs while at the same time promoting the public interest.  This unique experience provides valuable insight and helps prepare students for success both before and after graduation. Don’t take our word for it – just ask any of our alums.



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