Trademark Registration

Trademark law protects businesses, non-profits, and consumers by ensuring that certain distinctive marks can be reliably associated with their owners, preventing confusion, fraud, and unfair competition. The Glushko Samuelson IP Clinic was among the first to participate in the USPTO’s pilot program allowing clinics to represent clients in the trademark context. The program allows law students enrolled in a participating law school’s clinic program to practice Intellectual Property Law before the USPTO under the guidance of Faculty Clinic Supervisors.  The IP Clinic currently practices in the trademark law program.

Students working with trademark matters get valuable experience with core trademark concepts as well as exposure to a variety of skills required for trademark practice.

The clinic files trademark and service mark applications and counsels regarding maintenance of clients’ marks, including how to enforce trademark rights, how to make exclusive continuous use of marks, and the dangers of failing to renew registrations. Clients who would otherwise be unable to do so gain valuable protection and maintenance for their marks.

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